** This list is very new and we're still gathering projects to share with you very soon! Please be patient. And submit any projects you'd like help with here, to be considered for the list! **

Artists, are you looking for creative ways to contribute to the Elizabeth Warren campaign? This is where we’ll keep a growing list of projects you can join – projects run by Artists with Warren or requested by other volunteers in the Warren community. We’re still collecting projects at this point so there’s not a ton to see here yet, but stay posted! 

If you’re a Warren community member with a project you’d like to recruit artists for, please fill out our Collaborator Request Form. You can also search for artists in our Artists with Warren Directory

Art Challenges by Artists with Warren

Create art based on these the following prompts and post to social media under their hashtags. Tag @ArtistsForWarren on Instagram and @ArtistsWarren on Twitter so we can spread your work! 

Current challenges: 

1.) #WarrenWallpaperWednesday  –  Create digital art to be used as phone screen wallpapers, and post it on Wednesdays! 

2.) #LibertyGreenThings  –  Capture photos of Liberty Green objects you find in your surroundings. 

3.) #WarrentinesChallenge. –  Create physical or digital Valentines incorporating Warren’s imagery or slogans. 

Future Challenges:

1.) #WarrenArtSwap   –  Trade Warren crafts like stickers, buttons, zines and postcards with other volunteers via mail. 

2.) Poster challenge  –  Create printable posters based on a forthcoming list of slogans and images. 

Start or Join a Local Artists with Warren Chapter

Artists with Warren began as an online forum on the All In For Warren Platform, but we need  a have a local presence on the ground in as many areas as possible! Local AwW groups serve as a resource to their community, creating graphics and signs, running social media, hosting creative events, and telling stories! Search the Artists with Warren Directory for groups and artists near you, (the list is new so there won’t be many) and start recruiting artists from your local Warren groups and friend circles. We’re working on a toolkit and some personal stories of successful group leaders to help with this process.